Screw code


   As we all know, the most important parts of the machine is the “screw”, and Tainan Guanmiao Bu-dai  community because of Taiwan’s largest industrial city near the “Kaohsiung” traffic from the past and the relatively cheap cost of land acquisition, plus residents quality is quite good, hard-working effort, so to attract a lot of screws in the local factories upstream and downstream industries, and gradually, the screw industry has become one of the characteristics of local industries.


          They are new students so I have to slowly lead them into the thematic areas of exploration. And this theme ─ screw industry is also a new try! In fact, it is very hard and dangerous in the screw factory. In addition to endure hot environment, we have to pay attention to the discharge of iron. If they don’t pay attention, the skin will be cut. 


    In addition, it is also a very noisy environment, sound mechanical operation is often as high as 85 dB or more,. The employees must wear earplugs in order to work here for a long time. Because we want to explore the topic so of course we have to enter the factory to interview and experience which is the biggest challenge we have. 


       We hope that students can experience this topic and know how hard they parents work. Besides, they can know the local industry ─ screw. Understand deeply every detail of screw industry. Maybe one day, we can add new ideas for the business in decades and bring a better future to the community.