writeI、Research Project Abstract

The Southernmost Guardian of the National Freeway- the Guanmiao Service Area. Taiwan Freeway No.3(Formosa Freeway) is 430.5 km in length, with seven freeway service areas. Each of the service area not only has toilets, kiosks and gas stations, but also food courts and souvenir shops. Freeway No.3 runs through the North and South of Budai Li, and the Guanmiao Service Area is situated right at the edge of the village, near our school. With interesting art installation and an alpaca feeding area, for long-distance travelers, the Guanmiao Service Area may be a nice place to take a short break or pick up a snack. But for local residents, it means much more. People sometimes go to the service area to buy daily goods and also spend leisure time with family there on the weekends. This special connection between the Guanmiao Service Area and our daily life has inspired us to think and choose “the Southernmost Guardian of the National Freeway- the Guanmiao Service Area” as the our topic for CyberFair. With fun and interesting facts being discovered and shared in our project, we hope you will get to know more about the place where we are from and enjoy finding more about our lovely village, Budai Li.


quesII、Research Motive

Participating in the CyberFair means a lot to our students. For some of them who have never been to the Guanmiao Service Area before, this CyberFair project truly builds up a stronger connection between them and the Budai community. Besides, it has provided a better opportunity for students to discover different beauty of their hometown and to love the place where they grow up more with gratitude. After field trips and interviews at the Guanmiao Service Area, most of the students feel really proud to be Budai Li children. And what’s surprising, they are even motivated to learn how to be tourist guides for Budai Li, because they can’t wait to show people around this special and meaningful place with passion and love.



barheartIII、Education Goals 


  • This project aims to encourage students to understand the important role of freeway service area and its connection with the local community. Therefore, it is imperative that students find out what types of customer service the Guanmiao Service Area has provided, how and whom different service is delivered. Before the field trips and interviews, students have to surf on the Internet first to read and find out relevant information, by doing so, students with prepared minds then could see more, learn more and find out more when they do research at the Guanmiao Service Area.
  • The benefits of teamwork bring higher quality, increased efficiency and mutual supports. This CyberFair project allows students to work both individually and as a team to explore new knowledge on the Internet, and also to classify, analyze and organize different ideas and opinions that everyone has contributed. The importance of teamwork to achieve the goal is cherished by every student who participates in this project.
  • Teamwork in this project allows students to maximize overall productivity and communication skills. We believe that the teamwork and leadership skills students have acquired in this project would benefit their future study to achieve higher education goals.

lightIV、Problems Encountered and Overcome

  • Although it is only 10 minutes driving from our school to the Guanmiao Service Area, due to no public transport service, students can only do the interviews at the service area with the help of school teachers who have cars and time to pick up.
  • The traffic at Guanmiao Service Area is sometimes busy, students have to stay alert and be aware of all vehicles passing through or driving near them when doing research in case of an accident.
  • The internet access is limited in some area of Budai Li, for students with no Internet at home, they could only try their best finding spare time to do the project at school within a short time frame.



There was a period of time during which only Budai people with work permits could access the service area with scooters, and any other vehicles from the community are not allowed until February 2016. After its reopen to the local community, the Guanmiao Service Area plays an important role to Budai Li residents. People go there for leisure, for grocery shopping and especially, 24-hour refueling service. Before this service area, local people have to drive 5 km away to get to the gas station, but just within 2 km today. Besides the convenience it brings to life,  business at this service area creates even more and better work opportunities to the local. However, comparing with other six service areas, Guanmiao is not among popular ones, due to its location is the southernmost. We sincerely hope our project could make people understand the interesting facts about this service area and its connection with local community. We also look forward to welcoming more visitors and work opportunities here. It would be wonderful to see all the good outcomes soon.


GLASSVI、Our Reflections

The Guanmiao Service Area was considered a place only for long-distance drivers and travelers to take a short break before. However, in this project, it was found that the service area was more than what we used to think it was. It is full of considerate designs and services, for example, at souvenir stores, those who are looking for a decent gift for beloved friends and family can always find fresh local farm or food products which are popular gift choices. These souvenirs from southern Taiwan not only build up connection between local people and the visitors, but also boost local sales and incomes. The local community benefit from the Guanmiao Service Area a lot and local residents always express great appreciation to it. This is why we think it is always wonderful and meaningful to uncover heart touching stories by doing this CyberFair project.



Project URL:The Southernmost Guardian of the National Freeway- the Guanmiao Service Area
Backup URL:http://whpswp.dcs.tn.edu.tw/guanmiaoservicearea/2017/02/07/information/
School website: Tainan Municipal Guanmiao District Wunhe Elementary School
Project completion date: March. 8, 2017
School address: No.37, Changwen St., Guanmiao Dist., Tainan City 718, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Number of students: 9
Grades of students: 5 grades
Ages of students: 10-11 years old
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